Facilities and Equipment

We own dedicated space for manufacturing and research that consists of approximately 6,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and 2,000 sq. feet of technical research and office space.

including in our manufacturing facilities include blending and mixing tanks, twin screw extruders, in-line plate and flow through probe soniciators, centrifugal mixers. Also we own batch and flow through chemical reaction vessels.

Equipment for manufacturing including 1-inch twin screw extruder, bench-scale twin screw extruder, pilot scale solvent blending system, in-line plate sonicator, flow through probe sonicators, centrifugal mixers, viscometers, shear and pressure measurement.

Research equipment include typical laboratory capabilities.  In addition shelf life stability testing, corrosion evaluation, thermograviometric analysis (TGA), Differential Scanning Calometry (DSC), tensile testing, viscometers including a Chandler 5500 viscosimeter, and microbiological testing.


  • Specialty Chemical performance products for the Oil & Gas marketplace
  • Highly talented staff consisting of Chemical Engineers, Materials Scientists, Physicists, and Chemists
  • Project and Program Management for Small and Large Government Programs (DOD and DOE)